Encephalonus IV
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Toxic
Primary Terrain Swamps
Notable Species Cerebrocrustacean
Cyber Squid

Encephalonus IV is the home planet of the Cerebrocrustaceans, the Cyber Squids recently discovered Vicetopus.


It is suggested that the numerous puzzles and computers present on Encephalonus IV are used to test the knowledge of the Cerebrocrustaceans, and it is a daily thing in everyday life to exercise their brains.

But, solving problems against their natural predators, Vicetopus. Fearing of the these large predators when found and taken from their homes, being crushed and devouring them alive.


In Vilgax Attacks, Encephalonus IV is a large planet filled with massive towers and facilities built upon rocky mountains and canyons. The buildings' interiors are mostly filled with dark rooms, long corridors, bridges and computers.

The technology present is very futuristic and advanced, in accordance to the fact that Cerebrocrustaceans have extremely high intelligence.

Lightning and thunder are frequently roaring in the dark, cloudy sky, though rain has not occurred on Encephalonus IV for what viewers have seen.

In Omniverse, they have natural predators and still unable to defeating them due against size and strength of these beasts.


Most of the machinery and transportation present on Encephalonus IV include jet-powered, interchanging platforms; laser beams used to activate switches that open doors, or turn on other machinery; high-speed subway trains that are powered by electrical coils; numerous satellites and pylons, plus advanced computer systems.

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