The Energy Transfer Module is a Luminoth device developed during their war with the Ing to reclaim the lost energy from Dark Aether to restore Aether.


After learning that the lost half of Aether's planetary energy was on Dark Aether, Luminoth technicians worked on a device that could collect the energy and return it to the Light of Aether. A cadre of Luminoth warriors brought the new Energy Transfer Module with them to Dark Aether to retrieve the stolen planetary energy. Unfortunately, the mission failed, but even more troubling was that the Luminoth had learned that the Ing had stolen the Energy Transfer Module from them. Their worst fears were realized when the Ing drained the energy from the Agon Temple and brought it to Dark Aether. Desperately, the Luminoth tried to retrieve it while defending the Energy Controllers in Torvus and the Sanctuary from the Ing. Ultimately, the temple defenses failed and they too had their portions of planetary energy stolen, leaving only what remained within the Energy Controller at the Great Temple.


Some time later, after the remaining Luminoth took shelter in the Great Temple, Samus Aran encountered the Ing that had presently been using the Energy Transfer Module when it possessed an Alpha Splinter. Samus defeated the creature, which had caused the device to bind itself to Samus's Power Suit. She would then use it to restore the Energy Controllers in her mission to save Aether from the Ing.


It would seem that the Energy Transfer Module can be bound to any creature, as shown by how it was used by the Ing, but can also be installed into mechanoids or other similar beings, as shown by how it bound itself to the Power Suit. Its primary function is to extract a portion of Aether's planetary energy and return it to an Energy Controller. It can also prevent Samus from being possessed by Ing, but they can still do considerable damage by attempting to possess her until she obtains the Light Suit.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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