Epic creatures are a type of large creature that can a appear in the video game Spore. Epics are not a single species, they can be any species that has evolved to become giant. Unlike regular creatures they cannot be befriended and are hostile to anything that comes near them including other epics. They are also different to regular creatures because they live on their own. Epics are always carnivores or omnivorous, although herbivore epics can be found in the space stage.

When encountered in the creature stage epics have 1,000 health-points and are extremely hard to kill but can be killed near the end of the creature stage if powerful creatures like rogues are befriended. In the tribal stage epics are a lot easier to kill as a tribe has more members and weapons, however it will cost several tribe members. In the civilization stage epics have evolved even further and are much larger, have 3,000 health-points and can shoot fireballs. The epics in the civilization stage resemble creature like Godzilla unlike in the creature stage where they are more like dinosaurs.

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