Eriadu was the primary world in the Seswenna sector, and one of the Outer Rim's most active trade centers. It sat on the intersection of several hyperspace routes, including the Rimma Trade Route, the Hydian Way, the Lipsec Run, and the Yankirk Route.

The planet had originally been on the Eriadu Bypass until the Hydian Way was remapped to run through Eriadu (reflecting economic realities) rather than Seswenna. It was an important launch point for ships headed to the Moddell sector, such as the colony ship Free Enterprise in 130 BBY.


Eriadu was covered in rugged landmasses and small seas. Its surface was full of dirty industry and waste zones that polluted its atmosphere, land and sea. The world remained in this polluted state because its legislators were more interested in expanding the planet's urban sprawl to match that of other city worlds like Coruscant rather than investing in atmosphere scrubbers, aquifer purifiers and waste disposal systems.

Major cities on Eriadu included its capital, Eriadu City, Phelar and Old Town Factoryville. The planet was also mentioned to have forests. Eriadu was orbited by one natural moon, small shipyards, and several orbital habitats.


Eriadu was settled by Human colonists during the Galactic Republic era, prior to the Jedi Civil War. Eriaduan men tended to wear turbans and beards while women were veiled. Notable Eriaduans included the Tarkin family which played a role in the history of the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. Many if not all Eriaduans were also Humanocentric. The Eriaduan accent was distinctive.


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