Universe Actual Universe according to Billy Meier
System Tayget binary star System
Orbital Position  ? (estimated to be between 3 and 4 and the other 3 inhabited worlds are more like 4 5 and 6 or 5 6 and 7)
Moons unknown
Class Terrestrial
Gravity unknown but estimated to be slightly less than 1 G due to the world being slightly smaller than the earth.
Atmosphere breathable / earth-like
Climate (slightly colder than Earth)
Diameter ( slightly Smaller than Earth)
Primary Terrain (Estimated to either mostly Water surface or nearly half of land and water surface area)
Surface water Liquid Surface water, And Earth-like Oceans and Seas.(surface areas water estimated to between 50 to 90% of total Surface area)
Notable Species Plejaren (Also known as Nordic aliens in other sources)and Ring Nebula refugees known as the Dal.
Rotation period (slightly slower than earth 25 or 26 hour days)
Orbital Period  ? (estimated to between slightly faster years to slightly slower years)

Erra is a planet in the Pleiades star cluster where the Plejaren race was said to come from by UFO contactee Billy Meier.

The Plejaren have a Human appearance the descriptions of them match "The Holy Watchers" from Canaanite mythology from the 3100 to the 2900 BC time period. The Titans from Greek Mythology also matching the descriptions of the Plejaren, and as well as the Anunnaki (Angel and Ki) race from Sumerian Civilization. As well as the fallen Angels from Christian Religion. These Pljaren are the Angels in the Bible, and also in Canaanite in the first book of Enoch he spoke alot about Erra being a analog to the Earth as well as the fact that the fallen angels were put in a prison town named Dudael located in a desert. The discriptions that Enoch gives of Erra match that of Lemuria. The discription says of seven mountains and a large desert in the west of Lemuria. Its possible that the Lemurians were the Ancestors of the Plejaren. The Fallen Angels were put in a prison in the western desert in a place called Dudael acording to Enoch. The Archangels are also in a prison the Arch Angels prison on Earth is in Mesopotamia near the river Euphrates in what is now Iraq there the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse talked about that defeated the Locust men led by Abaddon but was costly a third of all Human life ended in the space battle of the future in revelations 9.

A Basic artists impression of the main continent of Lemuria based on the descriptions of the other Earth Erra said to be in the Seven Stars acording to Enoch in the first book of Enoch.

The Plejaren were taller than the Humans measuring 6 to 12 feet tall, there Homeworld of Erra is slightly smaller so the gravity there is lower than that of 1 G here on earth so the lower gravity caused the Plejaren to become taller humans than the one on Earth. However the Plejaren homeworld of Erra is said to only be fractionally smaller than Earth. despite this they were giants acording to various scriptures. Erra had a population of around 500 million people as of the late 20th century. Erra is said to be one of ten planets which orbit its star (Tayget) in its solar system. Its also said to be one of 4 inhabited planets in the Tayget star system the other three inhabited planets are Dakota ,Vela and Pyra acording to Star Ambassador Tanka Wheneh.