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Universe Actual Universe according to Billy Meier
System Tayget System
Orbital Position  ?
Moons unknown
Class Terrestrial
Gravity unknown
Atmosphere breathable / earth-like
Climate unknown
Diameter  ?
Primary Terrain  ?
Surface water  ?
Notable Species Plejaren and Ring Nebula reffugees known as the Dal.
Rotation period  ?
Orbital Period  ?

Erra is a planet in the Pleiades star cluster where the Plejaren race was said to come from by UFO contactee Billy Meier. Erra is said to be only fractionally smaller than Earth, and had a population of around 500 million people as of the late 20th century. Erra is said to be one of ten planets which orbit its star (Tayget) in its solar system. Its also said to be one of 4 inhabited planets in the Tayget star system.

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