Planet Etheria

History Edit

Etheria was founded by a group of beings known only as The First Ones. Their living spirits dwell in the Cavern of Fire, located in an underground kingdom, beneath The Crystal Castle. These beings were spiritual who connected to other planets in which it attracted the spirit of Grayskull of Eternia to unify, creating dimensional portals, where a caravan of Eternians immigrated to this planet, founding Etheria.

When the Horde invaded Eternia, Hordak was defeated by the King of Grayskull, casting Hordak and his allies into the dark field of Etheria, which had a direct passage to the planet, where Hordak takes his possession as the tyrant of the planet, Hordak uses the dark field to Have contact with Skeletor linking his fortress near the serpent mountain, his ancient throne.

The headquarters of the Horde is northwest of The Whispering Woods, where on the Horde's battlefield against rebellion, built its military barracks in the valley of shadows near the dark field "The Fright Zone".

Description Edit

Etheria, the sister planet of Eternia, is ruled by Hordak, a tyrannical leader and member of the Evil Horde.

The Great Rebellion's greatest asset in their battle for freedom is She-Ra, He-Man's twin sister, who was previously a member of the Evil Horde, before defecting.

Etheria has often been linked to Eternia through the use of dimensional portals opened by The Sorceress, are descendants of Eternian immigrant colonist.

At a glance Etheria appears to be a beautiful, lush, fantastical world. But it is plagued by the tyrannical rule of the Evil Horde, which invaded the planet long ago and conquered it.

Notable locations Edit

Cities and towns Edit

Green Thatch- A town overrun by Hordesmen and Thieves. Bow was once captured there.

Devlin- A town near or in the kingdom of Brightmoon. It is the town Prince Adam first went to when he came to Etheria. It was also one of the first places where She-Ra organized a rebellion. It was the home of the Laughing Swan Tavern.

SeaWorthy- A Harbor town populated mostly by Sea Elves. It as one of Sea Hawk's Ports of call.

GaleBreath- A town whose members joined the rebellion after hearing Adora speak.

Elberon- A town in or near Mysticor where Sorrowful, the dragon first emerged.

Small Oak- A town where Horde scientists invented a shrinking serum.

Octopus Harbor- A Horde controlled port on the sea of Sigh. It's controlled by Octavia

North Land- A town where the Horde tried to start a re-education program where they burned books and taught children from a Horde-approved curriculum.

Castles and Kingdoms Edit

Castle Brightmoon- A heavily fortified castle, which is the seat of power for a kingdom of the same name. It is ruled by Queen Angella, mother of Princess Glimmer. Queen Angella had magic powered by Etheria's two moons with which to defend the castle. This magic left the Castle vulnerable during eclipses.

Blackmoore Castle- Separated by Brightmoon by a swamp, this was the site of the Rebel's Fair, which celebrated the official start of the Great Rebellion. The Red Knight operated in this area.

Bluestone Palace- Although called a kingdom, the area around Bluestone palace is actually a protectorate of Mysicor and thereby ruled by Castaspella. The palace of Bluestone included a walled city.

The Crystal Castle- The Castle is located at the top of Skydancer Mountain, and is also home to Light Hope. This is She-Ra's retreat, where she seeks advice whenever the Rebellion is in danger.

Kingdom of Darkedge- Home of King Jarod's Castle and the Crown of Knowledge

King Duplis's Kingdom- Never named, this kingdom payed taxes to the Horde, but Prince Hazar secretly helped the rebellion. He was sent to the Mines of Mondor on another planet for his crime. After his son was rescued by She-Ra, King Duplis agreed to help the rebellion.

Mysticor- A magical kingdom ruled by Castaspella. The seat of power was a Castaspella's Enchanted Castle, which set atop a floating island. Many of its people are magically endowed. For a short time it was ruled by Mor

Greenvale- an enclave kingdom within Mysticor made up of King Gruff and his blue furred leporidious species.

Regions Edit

Beast Island- A dangerous jungle island that was seemingly made up mostly of rock and the fossilized skeletons of huge beasts. It was home to the Horde's main prison where it once held He-Man and the Dragon Sorrowful. Grizzlor was often in charge of the island.

The Dark Mountains- A mountain range which contained energy mines. Horde slaves would often be taken there.

The Freezing mountains- Between the Whispering Forrest and the Valley of the Lost. Possibly part of Frosta's kingdom. Valley of the Lost- A desolate waiste land where the ancient Dark Forest (also known as Darkside Forest)- an evil forest located in Mysticor

Skydancer Mountain- The Crystal Castle sits on its summit.

The Fright Zone- The headquarters of the Evil Horde, home to their factory-like base. A large cloud of brownish smog covers the skies above.

The Whispering Woods- The home of The Great Rebellion. An enchanted forest, protected from the Horde by a spell.

Talon Mountain- A large catacombed mountain that serves as home and base territory to the Harpy race, lead by Hunga the Harpy.

Spikeheart- A massive region of stone and mountains ruled by Ahgo, sorcerer king of the Trolls

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