Etti IV

Etti IV was the capital of the Corporate Sector and a hot, stormy and dense world. The planet was settled by the Etti, a blue-skinned race of Near-Humans who left the Core Worlds circa 20,000 BBY to escape persecution.

The world was a crossroads for several major trading routes, and was hospitable to most Human and humanoid races, making it a logical center for Authority administration.

The planet was the headquarters of Cybot Galactica. In 321 BBY, an embezzlement scandal resulted in twelve Cybot Galactica executives being imprisoned on the penal colony of Ord Cestus.

In 2 BBY, crime boss Ploovo Two-for-One was operating on Etti IV. An attempt by him to double-cross Han Solo resulted in a major panic throughout Mondder's spaceport district, however Solo was able to escape with the Millennium Falcon which was being held in Docking Bay 45.

The Rakririan Sabodor ran a famous pet shop, Sabodor's, on Etti IV, offering rare animals to the wealthy.

The planet was home to Deena Shan.

A thief from Etti IV applied for transfer to Wraith Squadron, but it was denied.



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