Europa, a moon orbiting around the planet Jupiter.

Europa is the fourth largest moon of Jupiter. From its surface, it looks like a barren, icy wasteland, which is entirely true on its surface anyway, but Europa has a hidden secret; The icy moon lies close enough to Jupiter that the massive planet's gravity tugs and tugs on Europa's core, thus the molten core heats the lower layers of ice. What happens when you melt ice? Yes, Europa has liquid water oceans under its ice, and it's such a large ocean that some scientists think that Europa has more water than Earth! 

Although these oceans would be pitch-black, life doesn't need sunlight to start. In the deepest oceans on Earth, hydrothermal vents (underwater 'geysers') spew gases and minerals providing an ecosystem of hardy creatures with energy, and they don't need sunlight. Though it hasn't been confirmed, scientists think that its highly likely that the same is true for Europa. So we may not be alone...

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Gallery of inhabitantsEdit

Below is a list of creatures stated in media to be living on Europa.

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