Universe Star Control Universe
Homeworld Anshar III
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Unspecified
Language Unspecified
Sapience Level Sapient (Although trying to be Non-Sapient)
Subspecies None

The Exquivan are a species of peculiar monks indigenous to the planet Anshar III in the Anshar System. While certainly sapient, they greatly fear being consumed by the Eternal Ones, and work diligently to lose their intellect and return to a non-sapient existence, although they obviously go about it the wrong way. Even so, they are notable for operating in a way that others would consider foolish, such as attacking random vessels who enter their system to test the ship hull's metal against their mettle. They do not enjoy arguments either and will become aggressive should one get too argumentative with them. They refuse species from other worlds to land upon the surface of their monastery-world unless they have been mind-wiped, an obvious fear showing beneath their attempt at a calm exterior that they do not want any sapients on their homeworld that might lure the Eternal Ones to their planet should the Eternal Ones suddenly appear.

The Captain sent a mind-wiped team to the surface of the world to investigate a Precursor vessel found thereon, and a Datapak was found here as well, which contained what was believed to be the information about the full name of the Eternal Ones. The Exquivan know of the Hegemonic Crux and gave insight to the Clairconctlar's secret shame that forced them to work alongside the pirates, although they would only share the information after ship-to-ship combat. After speaking with the Precursors, the Captain returned to speak with the Exquivan, and they joined up with the New League of Sentient Races.

The Exquivan are obviously more of a defensive species despite their somewhat surprising aggressive natures, and their starships - the Enigma - show this better than anything. While it fires a weak shot from the front, it is better known for creating a large barrier in front of itself as protection from others.

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