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Look at the Reflection

The Milky Way marble (Note: Look at the reflection)

MIB Ending01:02

MIB Ending

This extremely large alien only appears in the final scene of Men in Black, when the camera zooms out it is shown an Alien playing with a marble, which has the reflection of Galaxies, the one in particular is the Milky Way. the same being true for several other galaxies as well. The alien, which has a greenish gelatinous appearance and four digits on each hand, is seen playing with some of the marbles before packing them on a bag.


This is likely to be the second-largest alien featured in Alien Species Wiki; only being outcompeted by Yog-Sothoth.

Note: Look at the reflection on the picture.

Barry Sonnenfeld Has confirmed that the galaxies are not actually the marbles, but a reflection, to put in perspective as Frank had mentioned to K earlier in the film.

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