Ezeria pic

The Common Ezeria

These 'Ezeria live in the planet Tundria, the planet tundria is a global tundra. The Ezeria are very common on the planetand resemble Velocirapters from Earth, they are the smallest creatures on their planet and their diet consists on Creatures from the water and other dead Creatures.The Ezeria are not Aggressive and when they mate the don't fight they Sing, The Ezeria who can sing most beautifully gets a mate


The Ezeria's origins come from the ocean's that were forming millions of years ago,From fish like creatures at the time they where herbivore and only ate plants on the sea floor. Millions of years later they evolved to a frog like creature with hair,They were violent hunters and were very aggressive. Thought they do not have wings (Yet) they have bird like features on some parts of their body.

Star locationEdit

Universe: Spore Universe

Homeworld: Tundria

Habitat: Tundra

Size: Varies

Diet: Omnivores

Language: Unknown

Sapience Level: Non-Sapient

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