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The Fake Chozo Statue is an X Parasite that mimics the DNA of a Chozo Statue. It was found in the area simulating SR388's environment, Sector 1 (SRX), and killed by Samus Aran.


The Fake Chozo Statue, as the name suggests, looks virtually indistinguishable from a true Chozo Statue. It holds an item sphere containing an item that looks like the Morph Ball. However, touching it causes the Statue to transform into its true form; a Hard Core-X that fires Charge Beams. In its Hard Core-X form, like others of its kind, it is covered in an spiky armored shell that repel any attack, with its sole weakpoint being its eye. Absorbing the Core-X grants the Charge Beam.


  • Metroid Fusion (First appearance)

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