Felucian Ripper
General Information
Other Names Flying Ripper
Homeworld Felucia
Habitat Shallow rivers and creeks
Length 1-2 meters
(0.5 meters wingspan)
Locomotion Flight
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Subspecies/Races Felucian Flying Manta (possible)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

The Felucian Rippers, also known as Flying Rippers, were a species of dangerous, aerial species indigenous to the jungle world of Felucia. Resembling the Brith found on Dantooine and closely related to the Felucian Flying Mantas, the species were large predators which hunted along the jungle canopy even though they dwelt in shallow rivers and creeks. When hunting, they would fly low over the canopy, circling their prey before swooping down upon them to snap at the prey's head.

Felucian Rippers had wide bodies complimented by a large mouth filled with jagged, scissor-like teeth. Likely due to their flattened, ray-like body they could hide themselves in even the shallowest waters and could easily leap out of the water to attack their prey, provided that their movement ended back underwater.


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