Fenris is the homeworld of the Space Marines legion Space Wolves and their Primarch Leman Russ.

Atmosphere/Planetary ConditionsEdit

A planet of fire and ice, Fenris orbits its sun once every two Terran years. During the summer months volcanoes erupt, burning great areas with lava flows and churning the seas, spreading great floods and tidal waves. As the planet enters its long winter, the temperature drops so far that most of it actually ices over, giving the planet the appearance of a snowball from orbit.

Apart from a single area of the planet that is permanently land-locked, Fenris is a world of shifting geography and mostly ocean. Numerous asteroid strikes, mutable coastlines and even swiftly risen or sunk island masses have resulted in the population becoming one of largely nomadic barbarian tribes. The tribes constantly seek secure territory, and as a result skirmishes and feuds over land between rival tribes are common. The people are hardened to the changes in temperature and extremes, and so is the fauna.

It is located relatively close to the Eye of Terror, yet indigenous life remains pure and untainted.1



The only continent that remains constant is Asaheim, standing on top of the crest of the world. During the summer, it is covered in lava and magma flows, but is habitable during the winter.

The rest of the planet is in constant turmoil; continents and islands constantly forming and then being destroyed. This forces its people to live as tribal nomads, fighting each other for land. Fenris's civilization is feral.

Savage SeaEdit

The central sea of Fenris, it is home to most of the planets wildlife, most of which are vicious sea creatures. Nonetheless the sea provides most of the planets inhabitants with their food.

Flora and Fauna of FenrisEdit

Many studies have concluded that Fenrisian animals are the most dangerous on any planet, even more so than those on Catachan.


Fenris has little natural flora, being a planet of harsh winters and volcanic summers.


  • Drakes - mighty dragonlike creatures that circle above geothermal vents for warmth
  • Fenrisian Elk - razor sharp antlers
  • Fenrisian Mammoths - can crush a man in moments
  • Fenrisian Wolf - Stated as being among the most cunning and deadly predators in the galaxy. Capable of growing from the size of a small horse to that of an APC. Group hunting strategies. Leman Russ is said to have been raised by a she-wolf, and to have kept two hunting wolves, Freki and Geri.
  • Great White Bears - capable of destroying buildings
  • Kraken - gigantic sea creatures, possibly the remnants of a failed Tyranid invasion
  • Ripperfish - capable of reducing a man to bone in seconds.1
  • Sea Dragon - massive creature that lives in the Worldsea. Its hide is used by nomads for ships and dwellings.
  • Fenrisian Ice Fiend - giant creatures twice the height of a space marine. they also bleed acidic blood.


The population of Fenris is small, yet hardy and tough. Fenrisians are born warriors from cradle to grave, battling not only the planetary conditions but also each other. Land is the most precious commodity of the planet, and as a result tribes frequently clash with one another for its control. Tribal fighting escalates during the Time of Ice and Fire when new landmasses can rise from the ocean.

But despite these hardships, the Fenrisians consider themselves blessed, for they have a chance to join the "Dwellers Above the Clouds", the Space Wolves based at The Fang. The Space Wolves carefully watch their tribal brethren, but never appear openly among them. To Fenrisians the Space Wolves are known as the Sky Warriors and have a mythical status.

Space MarinesEdit

Initiation RitesEdit

From a Fenrisian perspective, prospective candidates are mainly chosen from great warriors who fell in battle (although some men were alive when chosen). To them, if the chosen warriors are dead (but in reality only nearly dead), they are recovered, and restored by the healing potions of a Wolf Priest, and brought to the Fang. The chosen train as aspirants in aspirant camps (learning skills such as harpooning, tracking and fighting) scattered around Asaheim. Each camp is lead by a true Space Wolf, such as Grey Hunter/ Blood Claw Sergeant Hakon for camp Russvik. When the aspirants prove that they have learnt all they can at the camp, they are taken to the Fang for further training. After proving themselves able again (but this time to Wolf Priests) they must pass through the gate of Morkai where probes of Rune Priests thoroughly screen them for any taint of Chaos.Once initiated into the Space Wolves, they are dropped far from the Fang; they must survive in the harsh cold and rocky mountains to make their way back to the Fang, proving themselves worthy to be a Space Marine.


  • The Fang
  • Kaerls - Planetary Defense Force


  • Battle of the Fang - attacked by the Thousand Sons as revenge for the Burning of Prospero
  • Plague of Unbelief - Fenris was the last planet attacked by Cardinal Bucharis in his conquest of a minor empire.
  • Months of Shame - The dispute between the Inquisition and Space Wolves culminates in a short battle in orbit over the planet.


Fenris takes its name from the Viking mythology's Fenrir/Fenris, the wolf son of Loki. This relates to the Space Wolves themselves and most of the names of locations on Fenris are also Viking related.

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