The fighting machines are the main attack units used for the Martians. They are nicknamed Tripods, and sometimes things.

Material Edit

The tripods are not made of living material, but they somehow act like living material, as they are defeated and destroyed to bacteria on Earth, which to the Martians, was an alien concept.

Models Edit

There are many models for the tripods. Most models have a pod-base at the top, and three "legs" used to walk, with two at the front and one at the back. These are very tentacle-like, but they sometimes have joints.

Tripod Martian

Weapons and Defenses Edit

Heat Rays Edit

All fighting machines have heat rays, no matter what model.

Black Smoke Edit

Most models have black smoke, but some, like Steven Spielberg's model, lack the black smoke.

Shields Edit

Some models have shields, including Stevens Spielberg's model.

Size Edit

Most tripods are large.

Tentacles Edit

Most models have tentacles which can constrict and grab enemies.

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