The Final defense at Raynet was a last-ditch effort near the end of the Ur-Quan Slave War (2095 -2134) to stop the Ur-Quan fleet at the Raynet constellation. It is unclear when exactly this battle occurred and which races of the Alliance were involved. It is known that the Syreen Space Patrol was involved — Talana states that her sister, Diani was killed in the battle. It is known that this battle most likely occured in 2134 just prior to the Last defense at Earth in 2135 after the Ur-Quan Slave ended.

As Talana is the only one who mentions this battle, at some point to Captain Zelnick on his first Voyage with the Precursor Flagship (2155 -2159) becasue during the Captains Second Voyage with the Chmmr Flagship (2165-2169) Talana was living the quiet life on the planet Unzervault and never mentions the battle again. It may be that only the Syreen fought in this battle. In this case, this final defense would have been the Syreen's last stand before being defeated by the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls, and would have occurred after Earth had been conquered. Another possibility is that this was the final, unsuccessful attempt by the bulk of the Alliance forces — or, possibly, only the Syreen — to maintain the Coreward Front after the Hierarchy had broken through the Indi-Mira line, ultimately pushing "beyond Raynet." This would also place the battle at the end of the War but prior to the costly fight to hold Rigel and the subjugation of the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm.

People that lived or died though the great war (2110 -2135)Edit

  • Juan O'realy and
  • Ivana at Earth Gov head quarters
  • Various Sylando Characters
  • and many more

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