The Firrerreos were a tall race of near-humans native to the planet Firrerre. These beings had uniquely striped hair, nictitating membranes covering their eyes, and golden skin that turned silver when scarred. The Firrerreos possessed limited spacefaring technology, and had only recently perfected sublight travel when Hethrir convinced them to head for nearby planets while being held in hibernation, during the height of the New Order. Those that were placed on the colony ships became the only surviving Firrerreo in the galaxy, as Hethrir later turned the planet over to the Empire, which destroyed the ecosystem with a biological weapon. Hethrir had been raiding the colony ships for slaves over the years, until his death at the hands of the being Waru. As a people, the Firrerreo had strong clan affiliations, and a fair amount of Force sensitivity. They rarely used their given names aloud, because the use of a Firrerreo's name compelled the being to obey the speaker. In the years following the Second Battle of Coruscant, the Yuuzhan Vong wiped out the Firrerreo civilization in a vicious attack that was based on information the alien invaders obtained from the Firrerreos' longtime enemies, the Belderonians.

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