Biography Information
Homeworld Thra
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Light brown (fur)
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Dark Crystal

Fizzgig is a small, furry non-sapient creature indigenous to the jungles of planet Thra. He has the appearance of a small mammal and acts just like a dog. Unlike a dog, however, his primary method of locomotion is bouncing. His species' name is unknown, but they are most certainly carnivores, as they have several sets of sharp teeth inside their mouth, similar to an Earth's shark.


Behind the scenesEdit

Fizzgig is a dog-like character from the 1982 movie The Dark Crystal, by Jim Henson. He later appeared in The Jim Henson Hour as a member of the Organization of Muppet Dogs (OMD).

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