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Flame Falcons
Universe Warhammer 40,000 Universe
Founding Chapter Unknown
Founding 21st Founding
Chapter Master Unknown
Homeworld Lethe
Fortress-Monastery Unknown
Colors Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Battle Cry Unknown
Current Strength Unknown
Known Mutations Immolated in flames that do not burn the "user"

The Flame Falcons are a chapter of Space Marines that were created during the 21st Founding and were based on the planet Lethe. Unfortunately, mutations in their gene-seed led to the chapter's eventual corruption into a race neither Human nor sane. They were declared Excommunicate Traitoris within a century of their creation and driven from their homeworld by a force of Grey Knights. They are now considered one of the renegade chapters. Outside of this, little more is known about them.

It has been said that during their largest battle thus far, a campaign set on Raffenburg's World, that members of their First Company whom were stationed at the front lines at the fiercest of the fighting began to suddenly immolate. Strangely, this did not harm the Flame Falcons, but did injure their foes. The lines were reinforced and when news was reported back that the flames were helping these Space Marines, the commander thought it was a miracle. However, he had already sent for an Inquisitor, fearing mutation.

The Inquisitor, however, had a different view. Eventually all of the Flame Falcons began to immolate and they began a celebration on their homeworld after the victorious campaign. The Inquisitor chose to call upon the Grey Knights chapter, which then came and destroyed the mutant marines. It is not known how many marines survived, but there have been sightings of immolated marines on more than one Imperial battlefield, suggesting that they do, in fact, continue to survive if not secretly thrive.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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