Frank the Pug
Biography Information
True Identity Frank The Pug
Homeworld Remoolia
Species Remoolian
Gender Male
Diet Omnivore
Occupation Agent
Affiliation Men in Black
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Men In Black Universe
Performed by Tim Blaney (voice; Men In Black, Men In Black II)
Mushu (actor; Men In Black; Men In Black II)
Eddie Barth (Men In Black: The Series)
Appearances Men In Black (first appearance)
Men In Black II
Men In Black: The Series
Men In Black III (picture)
Men In Black: Alien Crisis

Frank "the Pug" is a Remoolian that lives on planet Earth disguised as a Pug. He works for the Men In Black, a secret agency that monitors all extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

In the first MIB movie, Frank is an informant who gives Agents K and J information about the miniature galaxy that is hidden somewhere on Earth and that is wanted by the Arquillians and the Bugs; two alien races that had declared war against each other. The reason is that each faction wants the galaxy for itself is that it is a powerful energy source. In the second movie, Frank becomes Agent J's new partner. After Agent K comes back, Frank becomes Zed's new assistant.

Frank the pug

Frank's true form.

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