Frenzy Lego
Universe LEGO Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Species Space Mantis-Lizard
Family Unknown
Age Unknown
Height ~7ft tall
Affiliation Freelance Criminal (Presumed)

Frenzy is a member of the four-armed Space Mantis-Lizard species, and as such is tough, strong, and always looking for his next meal. He is a perpetual glutton which has led to the Space Police considering him a threat and a criminal. Unfortunately for the more law-abiding citizens of the galaxy, his hunger has driven him so far as to chew up anything and everything that he can get his toothy green jaws to fit around, from asteroids to satellites. The Space Police have advised that citizens ought to hide their valuables whenever Frenzy is around, as he won't simply steal them - he'll eat them, too. With this being said, gold seems to be a favorite meal for him and perhaps his entire species.

Recently, Frenzy has apparently tried to rehabilitate by opening up the Red Dwarf Ice Cream Shop, but has been unsuccessful in his attempts. The Space Police on two occasions have destroyed his shop, with the second occurrence happening after they discovered he had been stealing gold bars for later consumption. Upon discovery he attempted to flee on his Hyper Hopper that he had been standing on the whole time, vowing not to get caught; however an instant later he smashed his head into an awaiting SP XXL Freighter that had pulled up above him as backup. He was then taken to prison, to be kept "on ice" for a long time.

Trivia Edit

  • Frenzy's Hyper Hopper may be named such due to Frenzy's physical resemblance to a grasshopper; at the same time, his perpetual gluttonous habits may be a reference to locusts.

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