Frosties are a very strange subspecies of Glooples, Frosties are a biologycal mystery as they store a low-density, high compressed fluid in small packs in their



Universe Amorphous+ (game)
Homeworld Unknown
Diet None
Intelligent medium

outer membranes, causing a super-cooling as a frostie is alcohol based it can support these temperatures and keep its metabolism without problems, frosties also have water in its body, but is far away from the outer membrane and is compressed. Frosties are the fastest glooples in Amorphous+; they reach speeds between 36 and 42 km/h these speeds are reached cause Frostie can creates a shade of ice in the ground around it, reducing friction to almost zero. If you splat a Frostie it will explode the packs with the cold-fluid and the water also will explode and create an explosion of frezing water vapour around a radius of 4 meters.

Offensive/Defensive mecanismsEdit

As read Frosties have as main characteristic sub-zero temperatures, the idea of the Frostie when hunting is use its velocity to collides with a potential enemy to disable it. Though this attack is generally not deadly, the enemy can be easily shattered while frozen. Frosties protect their relatives by freezing an enemy. When the enemy splats a frostie the supercold explosion will freeze the enemy for some seconds (if the enemy moves the ice will break quickly), but as the frosties are very fast they can escape from the enemy.

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