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The Fusion Ball is a reverse-engineered Alien weapon used by X-Com in the later days of the First Alien War. This powerful missile weapon, derived from the Blaster Bomb, creates a deadly energy reaction that causes an implosion, crushing everything in the blast radius.


Fusion Bomb Hovertank: The Hovertank equivalent of the X-Com Missile Tank, this Hovertank fires Fusion Bombs that function very much like the Blaster Bomb, in the sense that they can have a flight plan set before being launched.

Fusion Ball (Craft Weapon): The Fusion Ball is the most powerful missile weapon an X-Com craft can use. Its damage, firing range and the fact that it never misses puts the Avalanche Missile to shame. However, it is expensive to produce ammo (costs a lot of money, time and Elerium), and the launcher has a very small ammo limit. It is recommended that the Fusion Ball is not used by craft, and said craft should stick to using Plasma Beams.

Fusion Ball Defenses: The ultimate Base Defense facility. It is an array of Fusion Ball SAM turrets that, when coupled with Plasma Defenses, render a base untouchable by Alien Retaliation forces.

See alsoEdit

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