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Fyrine IV
Fyrine IV
Galaxy Milky Way
System Fyrine
Suns 1
Moons 7 (possibly)
Orbital position 4
Rotation period Less than 20 hours
Orbital period Less than 3 years
Diameter Slightly smaller than Earth
Atmosphere Nitrogen-Oxygen
Gravity ~1.0
Primary terrain Volcanic mountain ranges, barren deserts, small forests and ponds of water and hydrocarbons
Surface water Minimal
Native fauna Groundrunners and pit fiends
Native flora Linemen trees
Immigrated species Willis P. Davidge - human (resident from 2092 until 2095)

Jeriba Shigan - Drac (resident from 2092 until 2093)

Zammis - Drac (resident from 2093 until 2095)

Primary languages English and Drac (primary speaker being Davidge and Zammis)
Government Unexplored territory (no colonial establishment)
Major settlements None (BTA/Drac may colonize the planet in the 22nd century)
Population 2 (Davidge and Zammis); Unknown number of Wildcat miners and native lifeforms.
Behind the Scenes
Universe Enemy Mine
Creator Barry M. Longyear
Fyrine IV is a planet that is most notable for being the location where Bilateral Terran Alliance pilot Willis Davidge and Drac pilot Jeriba Shigan crash-landed after a skirmish during the war between Terrans and Drac.

Physical characteristics Edit

The planet is the fourth planet of the Fyrine system. Terran surveyors had not yet explored the planetary system despite being the location of a military fortress in the system. It is quite possible that Terran government was merely holding the system against the Drac military forces. The Terran government is largely committed to the "sale" of planetary systems, pilot Davidge told Shigan that the Terrans had sold twice as many worlds as the Dracs.

The planet has open ponds of water and possibly hydrocarbons located sporadically throughout barren desert valleys and mountain ranges. This suggests that the planet is relatively young. The initial location of Davidge's crash was a rocky area peppered with several active volcanoes. On his pursuit of Shigan, an electrical storm sprang up without any indications or warning, the storm resembles the Catatumbo lightning event in Venezuela. The planet is rich in material for mining, as evidenced by the Wildcat miners visiting the world. Outside the volcanic and desertified regions of the planet where Davidge and Shigan made camp, there was a forest of trees located near a cave system at the bottom of a mountain. Davidge and Zammis made one cave in particular their permanent home. The planet's sky is peach colored during the day.

Orbit and rotation Edit

Though there is little indications given in the film in regards to the duration or shape of the orbit, the planet appears to have at least two seasons. A brief winter period follows a period of aridity that takes up a majority of the planet's year, possibly giving credence to the theory that the planet's orbit is slightly elliptical. The elliptical nature of the planet's orbit may explain the periodic meteorite showers. The planet's orbit appears to be less than three years, as evidenced by Davidge's return to the military fortress where a flag officer states that he had disappeared for over three years.

The star that the planet orbits is possibly a lower-scale G-type star or an upper-scale K-type star.

Habitability Edit

The planet's gravity is Earth normal or possibly very close to Earth norm. The atmospheric pressure is similar to Earth's and appears to be predominantly a breathable nitrogen-oxygen mixture. Davidge survived successfully on the planet with his adoptive son Zammis with little issue.

Native fauna include a small hard-shelled crawling creature and a large burrowing ambush predator.

Companions Edit

Fyrine IV would appear to have approximately seven moons or several co-orbital bodies or orbits in close proximity to sister worlds. These companion objects seem to only be visible at two points in time, once when Davidge and Shigan arrived and once more when Davidge successfully recovered Zammis.

Speculation Edit

The time spent on Fyrine IV by Davidge and Zammis is thought to have struck a cord with the leadership of both the BTA and Drac Empire. Both star nations deciding to end the hostilities between them and forge a future of mutual cooperation. It is highly likely that the governments would have decided to co-develop a colonial presence on the planet, especially given the length of time that Davidge survived there and the abundant materials that the Wildcat miners sought.

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