The GTVA Colossus is a massive warship from the Freespace Universe, the largest space-faring vessel ever built. The Colossus was built as part of a Terran-Vasudan joint project in case of a second Shivan incursion.


In the year 2345, on the tenth anniversary of the first Shivan attack at Ross 128, the Vasudan emperor Khonsu II proposed a massive joint project to the newly formed Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA) General Assembly. The two races had barely survived the Great War, and they had expended many resources in destroying the Lucifer Armada. Emperor Khonsu's shocking proposition was to construct a warship capable of repelling a second Lucifer Armada.


The Colossus had taken twenty years to construct, and it is the most powerful warship ever built by Terrans or Vasudans. It is larger than any warship in the GTVA fleet, its hull spanning six kilometers from bow to stern. Its armaments include forty-seven laser turrets, fifteen flak guns, twelve missile batteries and twelve beam cannons. The Colossus has more firepower than five Orion-class destroyers combined. Sixty fighter and bomber wings are housed in its vast hangar, and its crew numbers thirty-thousand. Among its contractors include industry giants Triton Dynamics, Subach Innes and the Akheton Corporation.

Major DeploymentsEdit

The Colossus was first deployed to counter a major NTF attack in the Epsilon Pegasi System. Its first engagement was at Enif Station, where it destroyed the NTCv Hawkwood. This deployment was a historical moment for the GTVA. The Colossus had then defeated the flagship of Rear Admiral Koth, the NTD Repulse, ending the NTF invasion and securing Epsilon Pegasi. The Colossus was instrumental to the defeat of the NTF.

The Colossus had then engaged a new Shivan warship, the SJ Sathanas, in the Capella System. The Sathanas was a powerful warship that had exceeded even the SD Lucifer in raw firepower, making it more than a match for the Colossus. Nevertheless, the Colossus came out on top, destroying the Sathanas. However, the warship sustained heavy damage, and it would take months before it would be ready for battle again.


The Colossus had taken a major role in the evacuation of Capella, holding off Shivan reinforcements from Gamma Draconis. The Colossus had to hold off Shivan warships while the GTD Bastion moved to seal off the Epsilon Pegasi Jump Node. After holding off several freighters, three cruisers and a Ravana-class destroyer, the Colossus was finally destroyed by a Sathanas Juggernaut.

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