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A Gabblerdictum, also known as Martian Parrot, is a species of relatively large avianoid creatures from the planet Mars which are (in)famous for their talkative nature.


  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64):
    • Ep.04 - "Slaves of Neptune"
    • Ep.05 - "The Shrinking Spaceman"
    • Ep.06 - "The Forgers"
    • Ep.07 - "The Robot Revolution"
    • Ep.09 - "Husky Becomes Invisible"
    • Ep.10 - "The Buried Spaceship"
    • Ep.13 - "The Walking Lake of Jupiter"
    • Ep.16 - "The Fires of Mercury"
    • Ep.17 - "The Invisible Invasion"
    • Ep.20 - "The Planet of Light"
    • Ep.28 - "The Evil Eye of Venus"
    • Ep.29 - "Secret Formula"
    • Ep.31 - "Deadly Whirlwind"
    • Ep.32 - "The Jitter Waves"
    • Ep.36 - "Forcefield X"
    • Ep.39 - "The Shrinking Gas of Jupiter"

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