General Information
Homeworld Qo'noS
Habitat Unknown (possibly parasitic)
Height Few centimeters
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Language Unknown (likely none)
Subspecies/Races Bithool Gagh, Filden Gagh, Meshta Gagh, Torgrud Gagh, Racht, several others
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek

Gagh, usually referred to as Serpent Worms when not in cuisine, are small worm-like organisms native to planet Qo'noS and commonly eaten alive by Klingons.

There are at least 51 known varieties of this delicacy, some of which appear to be made from different worm species (Bithool Gagh have feet; Filden Gagh can squirm; Meshta Gagh can jump; Torgrud Gagh can wiggle) while others are simply used to refer to different forms of preparing (Wistan Gagh is packed in Targ blood). The term Racht is also commonly used and seems to describe a larger variety of Gagh.


  • According to the non-canon novel A Time to Kill, while the Gagh is traditionally eaten alive, it has to be killed inside the mouth because swallowing it whole results in the worm surviving inside the intestine and becoming a parasite.

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