Gallifrey (1)
180px-The Citadel

The Citadel on Gallifrey

In the Doctor Who Universe, Gallifrey was the home of the Time Lords. For long it was believed to have been destroyed in the Last Great Time War, but as it turns out it was actually frozen in time and transported to a pocket universe.


Gallifrey was in a binary star system, the second star seeming to rise in the south in the morning, making the mountains glow. The main star was large and golden red. The system contained five other planets, among them Karn and Polarfrey. Gallifrey was located in the constellation of Kasterborous, at galactic co-ordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Zero Centre.

Gallifrey had at least 2 large moons, one of which was the copper-coloured Pazithi Gallifreya, which shone so brightly it could be seen during the day.


From orbit, Gallifrey was rust-coloured, with brown lakes and grey clouds. Following the Last Great Time War, it was still rust and brown coloured, but had a more volcanically active appearance.

From the planet's surface, it boasted an orange sky and trees with silver leaves. These reflected the morning sunlight, making it look like the forests were on fire. There were also green forests, golden fields and red deserts, but overall it seems to have been a much drier world than Earth.