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Galvanic Mechamorph

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Galvanic Mechamorph
Galvanic Mechamorph
General Information
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Homeworld Galvan B
Habitat Techno
Height Varied
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Energy
Sapience Level Sapient
Created by Azmuth

Galvanic Mechamorphs are bio-mechanichal lifeforms aciddently created by Azmuth.


Galvanic Mechamorphs have a green color scheme but can come in different colors such as white and blue. They have one cyclopian eye that glows sometimes when speaking. Similar to circuitry they have lines on the front and back of their bodies.

Female Galvanic Mechamorph's are slimmer and have longer arms. They have slightly different pattern on there bodies. They are taller than the males and have smaller line patterns, as well as a smaller central eye.

Galvanic Mechamorphs seem to come in a variety of other forms aswell, some of them having a humanoid body type, while some of them resemble animals and some of them also appear as trees and other plants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Galvanic Mechamorphs can shoot a powerful laser from their eye. They can also merge with technology, when young, they only can use it as a body. When they get older, they "upgrade" it into a stage of super-advanced technology. Galvanic Mechamorphs are "pre-programmed" with the blueprints of mechanical devices from across the universe.

Galvanic Mechamorphs can also shapeshift into technology they have once touched on their own.

While Galvanic Mechamorphs are masters of the mechanical, their merging powers are useless on full organic creatures with only few exceptions with those integrated with technology.


The Galvanic Mechamorphs were brought to life completely by accident. Galvan B was originally an uninhabited moon orbiting Galvan Prime. Galvan scientists, led by Azmuth, were originally working on a project to make Galvan B habitable but it went far more than intended when a new species come to life.

Nanomechomorphic SymbiotsEdit

Nanomechomorphic Symbiotes (a portmanteau of the words, nano- means small, -mecho- meaning machine and -morphic meaning changing form), also called an Nanomorph Symbiote, Nanomorph or just Symbiote for short, are artificial creatures that can be created by a Galvanic Mechomorph host as pets. Basically, Nanomechomorphic Symbiotes are created when a Galvanic Mechomorph tries to self-replicate, make a clone or copy of itself. The self-replication will result into a faulty copy with a lower intellect than the original. Long before the Galvan B incident, the Galvans installed a safety program hidden deeply under layers of core command codes of the nanites to prevent the creation of killer Von Neumann machines. The Symbiotes have the same abilities as the Galvanic Mechomorph “parent” host that spawned them, but their intellects are similar to a dog or dolphin. They are able to memorize any technology they has fused with and to turn into an exact replica of it at will (save for the black/green motherboard design). When a Symbiote is created, it cannot be reabsorbed by the host. Besides the Mechamorphs themselves, many other races throughout the galaxy adopt Symbiotes as pets. Galvanic Mechomorphs don’t seem to have an emotional bond with the Symbiotes they create.

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