Game preserve planet

Name Game preserve planet

Region Predator owned/dominated

"This planet is a game preserve...and we're the game."
―Royce, Predators

The game preserve was the planet where an abducted group of dangerous Humans found themselves the prey of the Super Predators.

Geology, geography, flora & faunaEdit

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The planet's forest.

The terrain of the planet (in the area "Predators" takes place, at least) is a jungle. Isabelle notes that the topography of the planet doesn't match any jungle from Earth, though it is closest to the Amazon. Certain plant species from Earth are actually present on the planet, as Edwin is able to recognize a plant species which secrets a potent neurotoxin. The Predators have been dropping humans off here for centuries, so it would not be surprising if some seeds accidentally came with them.

The other possibility is that the Predators intentionally terraformed the planet to some degree.

The length of days as well as years on the planet is logically not the same as on Earth: both seem to be much longer. After initially waking up on the planet, Royce notes to Isabelle that "the sun hasn't moved at all since we got here" several hours before. The days are longer than the nights, night coming soon after the attack at the predator camp, eventually followed by dawn at the end of the movie. Noland says that he has been on the planet for 10 "seasons", but he has been there since the Vietnam War 30 years ago. Therefore, roughly speaking a given "season" on the game preserve planet may be three times as long as an Earth year.






The Predators living on the planet have been abducting species from other planets, such as humans, then dropping them on the planet as game. Two Predators clans, the larger Super Predators and the smaller Jungle Hunter clan, have been at war with each other for a long time, a former U.S Cavalry soldier named Noland survived on the planet by hiding in a star ship wreckage ever since he was abducted.


It is unknown if the Predators maintained many permanent structures on the game preserve planet itself, or if it was simply a pristine jungle environment that they dumped prey onto.

At some point, possibly in the distant past, a drill rig of some kind was built on the planet, but by the time of the "Predators" film in 2010, it had long been abandoned. Some of the power still worked, however (basically just the lights). Noland hid out for decades deep inside the drill rig, where the metal from the massive surrounding structure would shield his heat signature from any passing hunters. It is unknown if any other structures were ever built on the planet in the past, or of different kinds.

The only "structure" on the planet which seems to be common and in active use in the present day, are Predator Monoliths. These are essentially a sort of totem pole, made out of metal, which curves backwards like a claw over the landscape. They are roughly 15–20 feet high. The totem poles are apparently a focal point of the Predators' cultural practices, and temporary Predator hunting camps are usually built around them. If Predators from one clan manage to capture a Predator from a rival clan alive, they will tie the captive Predator to the monolith with its hands bent backwards, leaning forward to the point that it is almost hanging from the monolith, in a pose vaguely reminiscent of crucifixion. Every indication suggests that the captive Predator is strung up on the monolith as some form of cultural tradition in which the members of the rival Predator clan ritualistically disembowel their enemy, to make trophies out of his body parts.

It is also possible that the Predator who is tied to the Monolith is simply left there for the forces of nature (rain, wind, heat, insects, etc.) torture him.

As with many of the Predators cultural activities, while their behavior may not be entirely within our comprehension, it is not without parallel in human culture. The "Black Super Predators" were going to ritualistically dismember a "Classic" Predator in the 2010 movie "Predators", however in the earlier movie "Predator 2", several Jamaican drug lords prepare to ritualistically torture and kill a member of the rival Mexican drug cartel. This involves ritualistically marking his body with voodoo paint and preparing to remove his heart while he is still conscious. It is possible that the Predators have similar cultural practices.

Some monoliths are in active use, but there are several dotting the jungle floor, sometimes overgrown with vegetation if they haven't been used for a long amount of time.

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Predators (comic)

Predators: Preserve the Game

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  • It is said by RR that normal Predators dump their outcasts on the planet for unknown reasons. The BSP use it for hunting prey and for experimenting on themselves. (link?)

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