Universe Star Blazers
Region Magellanic Cloud
System Sanza
Class anomaly
Notable Species Gamilons
Rotation period unknown
Orbital Period unknown


The planet of Gamilon is the home-world of the Gamilon race. They are a group of aliens that exist in the Star Blazers Universe, that colonized the planet many years in the past. This most unusual planet had two crusts: the true crust, and a thinner upper layer formed by the planets many volcanoes. But the planet was having many problems. The Volcanoes were releasing a large quantity of sulfuric acid, which was contaminating most of the water on the planet, as well as destabilizing the planets crusts. There were quite a few people living on the planet, so there was great concern over the survival of their civilization. This spurred the Gamilons to search for another suitable planet to terraform into one they could live on. Sometime between the year 2190 and 2195, the Gamilons found earth.


the planet Gamilon


A planet that was already having massive geological problems, the destruction of Gamilon was probably speed up by the Star Force's attack in the year 2200. After luring them there, the Star Force turned the tables on the Gamilons by setting of a chain reaction in the volcanoes that destroyed the largest (and maybe only) city on Gamilon.


The Planet was eventually destroyed when the Gamilons returned to pay their respects to the planet and discovered a then unknown race (later revealed to be the Dark Nebula Empire) had set up a mining operation on the planet. Enraged the Gamilon leader, Desslok, ordered an attack on the mining facility and the fleet protecting it. The destruction of the facility caused a chain reaction of explosions and the planet was torn apart, flinging its sister world, Iscandar out of its orbit.

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