The Gamilon Destroyer, also known as the Exterminator-class Destroyer, is a ship in the Gamilon Imperial Navy.

Destroyer exterminator

Description Edit

The Gamilon Destroyer is 72 meters long, however it is heavily armed for a ship its size. Its armed with twin heavy energy cannons in the bow, 7 medium laser turrets, anti-aircraft missile launchers, and extensive anti-aircraft laser batteries. Gamilon Destroyers have a small crew size for their class of ship as well, with only 24 crew. These ships were designed to attack in massive formations, creating holes in the enemy battle line and then swarm over any isolated sections and overwhelm them. Due to changes in the Gamilon battle strategy, moving from mass producing small, disposable ships, to a focus on producing heavier classes the Gamilon Destroyer is being relegated to escort and screening duties. However the sheer amount of these ships (and the three classes it spawned) insure that it will remain in service for years to come

History Edit

The Gamilon Destroyer has seen action on every front the Gamilon Empire has every fought. When most species think of Gamilon they see these ships leading the charge against them. The concept of the overwhelming destroyer swarm was considered unstoppable until one fateful event. During the Gamilon's war to conquer the Large Magellanic Cloud, they encountered an unknown alien species. This species had a large space fleet, consisting of ships of all classes, each specialized to preform a different task in battle. The squadrons of of Gamilon Destroyers suffered heavy losses and was unable to penetrate enemy formations. This was the first sign that the Gamilon's vaunted destroyers were not the force they were believed to be. The Gamilons had to rush every single ship in the sector to fight this opponent. They eventually won this war of attrition, only after taking unacceptable casualties to the enemy fleet and their planetary defenses. Designs for heavy ships and carriers were rushed out and the destroyers were split into 4 four specialized classes, and the main destroyer was named the Exterminator-class.

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