The Ganathans were humanoid sapients indigenous to Ganath.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Ganathans were a sentient Near-Human species.

Society and cultureEdit

The Ganathans had limited space travel capabilities, and made use of steam-powered spacecraft capable of slow, inter-system travel. They were ignorant of the hyperdrive, as well as many other modern developments, but were quite advanced in some areas. Most notable was the Ganathan prowess in the field of electronics with innovations including, but not limited to, Empatojayos Brand's cyborg suit and the infamous Lightning gun weapons system. The Ganathans had also apparently developed protocols for the handling of alien visitations.


The Ganathans evolved on the planet Ganath, located with the Oktos Nebula, a largely uncharted cloud of gases within Hutt Space. Cut off from the rest of the galaxy by the uncharted and unexplored clouds of highly-irradiated interstellar gases that surrounded their pocket of space, the Ganathans' technology remained at an archaic level. The Ganathans' existence might never have been revealed to the rest of the galaxy if the severely damaged Millennium Falcon had not flown into the gas clouds in 10 ABY, making Han and Leia Organa Solo, Chewbacca and Vima-Da-Boda the first outside visitors since Empatojayos Brand had been rescued from his stricken craft at the end of the Clone Wars. His ship too damaged to travel, and nothing to return to if he could, the severely wounded Jedi Brand had remained among the Ganathans, who combined their technology with his own to create the repulsorlift sphere that housed Brand's body and kept him alive. Eventually Brand came to be the Ganathans' leader, and ruled through the Jedi creed of justice.

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