Gargon was a planet in Mandalore sector.


The planet was dominated by gangsters, and much of the galaxy's phobium was mined there. Gargon was a source of raw materials for the construction of the two Death Stars.

Sometime prior to joining the Rebel Alliance, Han Solo and Chewbacca broke into Gargon's spice vaults and received double payment as a result of the successful theft of spice.

Grand Admiral Miltin Takel was from Gargon. Grand Admiral Josef Grunger aided Takel's second in command to patrol Gargon due to reports of albino-skinned marauders around 3 ABY. He betrayed the fellow Grand Admiral and took over the planet following the Battle of Endor. Despite an unsuccessful attempt by Takel to oust him, Grunger continued to use the planet as his headquarters, until he was killed at the Battle of Tralus in 5 ABY.

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