Biography Information
Homeworld Unknown
Species Tok'ra
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stargate Universe

Garshaw of Belote was the Grand Council of the Tok'ra High Council|High Council when SG-1 made contact with the Tok'ra. Her host was named Yosuf. Teal'c described her as the most hunted Goa'uld of all time, but like the rest of the Tok'ra, she took offense at being called Goa'uld.

Garshaw was unique in that she was not a child of Egeria's brood but a rebel Goa'uld who grew past her genetic memory and gained a disgust for her kind's reckless wars as well as the destruction they brought on other species. At the time of her rebellion, she was an Underlord of Heru'ur who was leading a battle against Apophis at Belote. She falsified orders which resulted in the destruction of three of Heru'ur's motherships before it was realized that Garshaw had gone rogue. She managed to escape Heru'ur's court before she could be captured. She would eventually encounter a Tok'ra cell which recruited her cautiously as they suspected the possibility of betrayal. Garshaw, however, proved her loyalty and grew among their ranks. She also became the most hated of the Tok'ra among the Goa'uld System Lords with both Cronus and Yul placing a price on her head.

When the Tau'ri arrived seeking an alliance, she presumed that meant they wanted to be hosts to the Tok'ra, but they did not. Garshaw opposed allying with the Tau'ri initially, as she felt they had too few resources, were not advanced enough, but mostly because she felt they couldn't be associated with people who were so disgusted by blending. However, when Jacob Carter volunteered to be a host to Selmak, and when Colonel Jack O'Neill revealed that Cordesh was a spy, she agreed to an alliance with the Tau'ri.