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The Garthan are a race of reptilian humanoids.


Garthan ships have primitive weaponry thus resulting in a military with least dangerous ships except possibly the Terrans. All Garthan ships consist of triangular design.


Fast ships consisting of an Explosive Shell Chaingun along with a Pulse Detnosion Thruster


The backbone of the Garthan military. Corvettes have an Explosive Shell Chaingun, an Impailer Missile Rack, a Structual Gluon Shield, a Chemical Rocket Thruster, and a Plutonium Fission Drive

Light CarrierEdit

The most dangerous Garthan ship, Light Carriers launch three fighters at any time. Light carriers have two Impailer Missile Racks, a Structual Gluon Shield, a Chemical Rocket Thruster and a Hydrogen Fusion Drive

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