Gas Bag
Gas Bag
General Information
Homeworld Eden Prime
Height Roughly Human height
Weight Barely lighter than air
Locomotion Floating around
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Seemingly mindless
Behind the Scenes
Universe Mass Effect

Gas Bags are a species of benign non-sapient creatures indigenous to Eden Prime; their name is very simplistic, simply referring to the type of organism they happen to be. They possess a number of protuberant gas-filled sacs that grow out of their core body structure to keep them barely aloft above the planet's surface, allowing them to float gently from location to location. Dangling from their underbellies are four legs and another four posterior tentacles, each varying in length from the others. It is presumed that these tentacles are utilized in catching prey within the shallow swamps and ponds that they appear to congregate around.

Their anterior possesses a neckless head that attaches to the main core, though it has no visible mouth — given the location of the tentacles it is possible that they have a mouth on their undercarriage, though this is simply speculation. The head is surrounded by five red-hued eyes, three large and two smaller ones (which may be ocelli, similar to bees. Despite their seemingly-predatory natures and the fact that they only float a short distance above the surface they are extremely delicate in nature and will explode if even one of their numerous pods are punctured. A single gunshot from any weapon will eliminate them, although doing so has never been known to be necessary as they are well-known to be harmless to the local sapients. The gases that allow the Gas Bags to float are, however, toxic to inhale and should a Gas Bag get caught in crossfire in close proximity to an individual they will be injured.

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