The Geelans were a race native to the planet Needan. They were short, furry, canine humanoids who loved to barter and hoard valuables. They owned and operated Zirtran's Anchor during the Galactic Civil War. The species barely survived when Needan was hit by a passing comet and forced into a wider orbit, resulting in a rapid cooling of the planet and upheaval of the seasons. Needan was quickly turned into a frigid wasteland, and the Geelan were forced to erect domed structures to protect themselves from the frigid cold. A passing Arconan picked up a distress call the Geelan had broadcast, and agreed to supply them with more advanced technology to assist in the survival of their species. In this way, they discovered the great galactic community, and quickly spread throughout it. They employed a no-holds-barred form of commerce, in which any action was acceptable as long as it got the job done. Blackmail, bribery, and physical violence were not uncommon methods used by the Geelan to complete a deal.

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