Gem Bubbles

"Gem Bubbles" are created by Gems to contain other gems.

Function and useEdit

The Crystal Gems use them primarily to contain the gems of corrupted Gem Monsters, and then teleport them back to the Burning Room in the Crystal Temple. Steven first demonstrated the ability to bubble objects (and to teleport bubbled objects back to the Crystal Temple) in "Monster Buddies".

When a Gem Monster retreats to its gem to regenerate, being bubbled seems to prevent it from reforming. However, bubbles typically appear to be fairly fragile, as Steven has popped them from inside and outside. Garnet had difficulty containing the smoke monster from the Evil Spirit Scroll, which quickly escaped once she was distracted. Nevertheless, they seem to be a stable and secure form of containment as long as they're not disturbed.

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Steven can create a durable bubble shield, which seems to combine his bubbling and shield summoning abilities.
  • When Peridot summons her escape pod in "Jail Break", she is surrounded by a green bubble and then sinks into the floor.


  • Opal has demonstrated the ability to quickly bubble large numbers of defeated gem monsters with her explosive arrows.
  • It appears active Gems can be bubbled too, as Steven was bubbled in "Monster Buddies".
    • In the same episode, it is also shown non-gem items can be bubbled, as Steven bubbled the bag of Chaaaaps.
  • Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, and Peridot have not been shown bubbling gems, and Amethyst has only been seen bubbling gems while fused as Opal. Ruby and Sapphire have only bubbled gems as Garnet.
    • But bubbles with the shades of purple can be seen on the background, stating that Amethyst may have bubbled some gems off screen.
    • It is currently unknown if all gems have the ability to bubble gems.
  • The only gem monsters that were fought but have not been seen bubbled were the Tardigrade Gem Monster, The Slinker, and the Giant Pufferfish.