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The "Gem Sloop" is a sailboat owned by the Crystal Gems that first appears in "Cat Fingers."


The Gem Sloop is a small boat with three light blue facet-shaped sails, a dark blue mast, and a dark blue body.

Episode appearancesEdit

"Cat Fingers"Edit

The Gems use this boat to travel to a living island, leaving Steven alone with his cat fingers problem.


  • A "sloop" is a boat with only one mast (the pole that holds the sail) and a fore-and-aft rig (a sailing rig that is set along the keel line rather than perpendicular to it.) **The keel is a longitudinal structure under the boat that keeps the boat stabilized.
  • A smaller version of it can be seen in the online game, "Heap of Trouble."
  • It's seemingly slow.

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