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Geochelone Aerio

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Geochelone aerio
Geochelone Aerio Omniverse
General Information
Other Names Aldabran
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Homeworld Aldabra
Habitat Grasslands
Height 8 feet
Locomotion Bipedal and Flight
Diet Herbivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Peaceful

Geochelone aerios also known as Aldabrans are a race of flying, giant tortoises that hover above the ground by retracting their head into their shell and whirling their limbs like giant fan blades. Although his race is a peaceful one, Geochelone Aerios can use this ability in battle by generating hurricane-force winds or mini corkscrew cyclones which they can control. Their thick, impermeable shell protects them from most assaults.


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