Universe Star Wars Universe
Region Outer Rim
Sector Arkanis Sector
System Geonosis System
Class Terrestrial
Gravity 90% Standard
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Arid
Primary Terrain Rocky deserts
Surface water 5%
Notable Species Phidna, Geonosians
Rotation period 30 standard hours
Orbital Period 256 standard days

Geonosis is a large desert world. It is the second planet of the Geonosis System, located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. In spite of its large size, Geonosis has light gravity and weak magnetic field. Because of this, the planet is vulnerable to solar radiation, the land is arid and water bodies cover no more than 5% of the planet's surface. Very few species are able to survive in this planet.

Geonosis has a ring system and is orbited by 15 moons.

The Geonosis SystemEdit

Geonosis' planetary system contains the star Ea and the five planets that orbit around it:

  1. Geriss
  2. Geonosis
  3. Conus
  4. Mabonte
  5. Abyssissa

Of these, only Geonosis is known to support life.