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General Information
Homeworld Pattersonea
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Gimlinopithecus are yellow sasquatch-like aliens from the planet Pattersonea.


Gimlinopithecus are bulky and ape-like in appearance. They have yellow and black fur, along with grey fingers and toes. They have 4 fingers. They also have two bolts on the side of their wrist and yellow horns. These aliens fall into sexual dimorphism:

Males tend to be yellow in appearance with black areas on their limbs and white lightning bolt markings bordering these areas.

Females look similar, but with higher proportion of white areas on their bodies, and are a paler shade of yellow. They also have a more feminine figure, with a skinnier waist and voluptuous breasts (presuming if their for nursing).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They have the ability to release strong, yellow electrical charges from their hands and mouth, the latter seeming to make the bolts more powerful, capable of electrocuting a creature much larger than them. Also, they have super-strength and able to jump very high. Like Earth's apes, they can run on all four limbs and expert climbers.



  • Their name and planet is a reference to the "Patterson, Gimlin sasquatch film".

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