The Glukkon are a race native to Oddworld that are capitalistic and have long oppressed the Mudokon


Glukkons posses long, muscular for arms that are used for locomotion, and the legs and feet where formally manipulators, but use of black magic had shrivelled their legs, into pathetic useless stumps. To hide this puny frame, they wrap themselves up in expensive attire and wear concealed shoulder pads, similarly to rugby players, to give them a more intimidating appearance. They have broad moose-like muzzes, big mouths with 4 visible square teeth, presumably used to crack open the shells of paramites and scrabs, their supposed prey. They also have round heads with walnut textures, trumped-like ears, and glowing eyes ranging from green, yellow and most desirably, red, as mullock was deemed handsome and he donned a pair of red eyes and very dark purple skin. Their skin colour can be pink or purple, but doesn't seem to be a basis for descrimination. 


Gukkons are all sired by a monstrous queen, Maggie. Glukkons who are beaten or usurped by a mudokon are executed by her.  Not only are glukkons autocratic, each individual is self-serving, and empathy appears to be unknown to them. In fact, when advertising to customers, or running slaves, they attempt to fake empathy, yet are terrible at concealing their brutal, domineering natures, being prone to shouting and making death threats. However, they help others, such as sligs, if there is something in it for them.

History and technologyEdit

Originally, glukkons used magic, living peacfully alongside the mudokons. However, a moon with a mudokon pawprint led the mudokons to boast of their supposed species superiority. Envious, the glukkons employed black magic in a bid to earn respect and notoriety. However, this backfired, crippling them, and leading them towards science. Never looking at the sky, thee glukkons adopted a troglodite existence, lurking in dark labs and factories.  Later, they provided robotic legs, circitry that granted them the ability  to live outside water, and weapons resembling machine guns to a race of aquatic cephalopod-like entities known as sligs,who in return worked as security and soilders for glukkons. They utilized slogs, horrible, snarling theropod-like monsters, to assist the sligs. Using this army, they employed the mudokons, but later, it became a slave driven system, the glukkons also employed greeters, violent ex-adverrtisment robots who could disintegrate wayward mudokons with a red energy beam, and they used motion detection cameras. They even had ball-shaped minecarts, suspended trains modeled in the glukkon's loathsome likeness, and flare stacks in their factories. They also had mines, floating and grounded variants, as well as vending machines, anti-chanting security orbs, and breweries.


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