General Information
Homeworld Unknown or Unspecified
Height 2 meters (6.5616 feet)
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Unspecified
Subspecies/Races Unknown; Eye differences likely due to technological prowess
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek Universe

The Gorn are a species of ectothermic, reptilianoid humanoid sapients with green, rubbery skin and an average height of approximately two meters. They are notable stronger than many humanoids, albeit slower and less agile but with greater stamina. As with most ectotherms, they prefer warmer temperatures, although their brains will likely addle at some heat point. Some Humans have underestimated the Gorn because of a prejudicial opinion that all reptiles are less intelligent than mammals. This is an unwise belief, as Gorns are at least as intelligent as Humanity.

Their ears are simple holes in the side of their skulls, which may lead to a tympanic membrane such as that seen in lizards and frogs on Earth. Their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp teeth as well, indicating a carnivorous lifestyle, while the hands and feet both possess vicious claws. It has been quipped that the Gorn are comparable to the Earth's extinct velociraptor species, based on the Gorn's size and bite radius, although this is likely a misunderstanding, as velociraptors were only the size of turkeys; the likely intended comparison was another dromaeosaurid such as deinonychus. The eyes of the Gorn are of interest to some, as they come in two very different styles; some appear silvery and faceted much like the compound eyes of insects, while others have typical humanoid eyes complete with pupils. This may indicate that one or the other may be caused by technology, or a difference in gender. It is extremely unlikely that they are subspecies of one another due to the massive difference here. It is imperative to note that Gorns with humanoid eyes have only been observed in the Mirror Universe.



  • In Star Trek Into Darkness, Bones mentions performing caesarian section on a Gorn pregnant with octuplets, implying that the species is viviparous. This also proves that first contact with the Gorn Hegemony happened much earlier in the J. J. Abrams' universe than the original series.

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