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Gororin was a cactus monster created by the Xiliens to attack Godzilla Island.


Created by the Xilien known as Landes, the aliens sent the cactus to Godzilla Island in the night, where it got the attention of several of the daikaiju that lived on the island. The following night, Anguirus checked out the cactus - which turned out to in fact be a daikaiju itself called Gororin.

Gororin rolls around the island.

Gororin rolls around the island.

Although Anguirus fought the cactus after it attacked him, the G- Guard Commander told off Anguirus for causing a ruckus. Gororin, however, grew large spines on its body and detached itself from the ground. Firing needles in every direction and rolling along, Gororin slammed into anything in its way. Now seeing the monster as a threat, Godzilla and several of the island's monsters tried to stop it - but Godzilla's atomic breath had no effect on the monster while Gororin itself was also too fast; knocking down any monster in its way.

Angurius pins Gororin against the cliffside.

Angurius pins Gororin against the cliffside.

Gororin soon tried to attack Anguirus, although it bounced off the mutated dinosaur's spiky shell. As Anguirus managed to save the G-Guard Commander who had scolded him earlier from Gororin by pinning the creature between his shell and the cliff-side, Gororin's spines dug into the creature's shell - causing agony for Anguirus. Furthermore, The other daikaiju weren't able to get close enough to help as Gororin continuously fired a hail-fire of its needles at them. Even Godzilla - despite his attempts to aid his dinosaur ally - was unable to get close as he was struck continuously by the needles.

Gororin loses its spines due to the weedkiller.

Gororin loses its spines due to the weedkiller.

Thankfully, help would soon arrive. Nao - piloting the mecha known as M.O.G.U.E.R.A - managed to apply a special type of weedkiller to Gororin, which caused the monster's spines to fall off and for it to lose its needle attack. Now no harm to anyone, Godzilla and the other monsters kicked the creature around like a soccer ball. It's end finally came when Godzilla kicked it extra hard into the air - where the creature collided with the Xilien ship and was destroyed on impact; its brief reign of terror over at last.


Godzilla Island - TV Series

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