The Gorothites were a race of reptiloids native to the planet Goroth Prime. Their large heads were dominated by a bulging brain case, and a series of wattles at their throats were filled with air to form distended sacs. These sacs and wattles were heavily tattooed, and used to display the lineage of an individual Gorothite. Their beady eyes were set back into their skulls, and their sloping foreheads given them a formidable appearance. Their forearms had an extra joint, giving them a flopping appearance.

Xenoarchaeologists have discovered that the Gorothites evolved from predatory carnivores who had just achieved sapience when the planet Goroth Prime was nearly destroyed in an event known as The Scouring. The Gorothites were forced down another evolutionary path in order to survive the toxic chemicals thrown into the atmosphere after The Scouring. Marriage and monogamy were unheard of concepts on Goroth Prime, as each j'ber, or clan, strove to strengthen its numbers over the centuries. However, mating between individual j'ber clans was forbidden. The Gorothites, like most species on Goroth Prime, had two stomachs. The names of individual Gorothites were made up of three parts: their j'ber name, the individual's father's name, and their personal name.

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