General Information
Homeworld Peptos XI
Locomotion Bipedal and flight (through burping)
Diet Everything
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Gourmands (from "gourmet", associated with food) are a species from the molten planet Peptos XI and currently Peptos XI (after consuming the former).


Gourmands are a small species with short stubby limbs, four-fingered hands, three-toed feet, six tubular growths on the back of their head, and three sets of gill-like markings on their face. Two sub-species of Gourmands have yellow eyes and have at least three tongues


Murk Gourmands are swampy-green, have tan bellies and muzzles, black digits and black-green spots on their tails, limbs, hips and back. Their eyes are sharper and pupil-less. Also, their teeth are now more aligned with visibly sharp canine teeth that appear outside the bottom of their mouth, an under-bite.

Murk Gourmands wear metal saucers to protect their heads and fight with forks.


Perk Gourmands are green all over, with a darker shade of green on the top of their head, and the same color all over their backs and hands. They have very crooked teeth that appear outside the top of their mouth, forming an over-bite.

Perk Gourmands wear metal cups on their heads like helmets, and fight with spoons.

Queen Gourmand Edit

The third sub-species of Gourmands is the Queen. So far she is the only example of a female of the species.

Behavior Edit

Perk Gourmands and Murk Gourmands do not normally get along with each other, due to their differing mindsets, though normally every Gourmand will obey and protect the Queen Gourmand without question.

Perk Gourmands are considered more thought-oriented and defense-minded, while Murk Gourmands are considered more action-oriented and attack-minded.

Generally speaking, Gourmands are not an aggressive race as their main thoughts revolve around eating.

The mere mention of food is enough to distract Gourmands.

Given the chance, a Gourmand will begin snacking on any kind of material in its vicinity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gourmands have strong eating abilities, with seven acid-filled stomachs, diamond-hard teeth, elastic stomachs, bellies and mouths and 3-4 long, adhesive tongues.

Every Gourmand stomach, (including Upchuck's, the Omnitrix's sample of Gourmand DNA) is linked to the Bladder Dimension. Therefore they can eat virtually any amount of substance. This is termed as Swarm Gastronomy. This also means that every Gourmand stomach is linked to each other, which is why Upchuck was able to feel the pain and distress of the Gourmands, even from across the galaxy.

Gourmands are able to eat anything inorganic like metal, rocks, etc.

Gourmands can swallow very large objects and digest them in seconds. This means that even a planet can provide sustenance for the Gourmands.

Gourmand tongues can be used offensively to throw objects or grapple an opponent. They've proven to be strong enough to pull down Incursean warships and heavy machinery.

It is still debatable if Gourmands are able to consume organic matter, though they can at least engulf it. Perk Upchuck has demonstrated this by swallowing several tigers, and later a Panuncian while Voratia tried to eat Attea. In every case, they were immediately spat out.

After digesting something, Gourmands can vomit glowing spheres of acid that explode upon contact with considerable destructive power.

It has been shown that Murk Gourmands are able to swallow energy and redirect it.

Gourmands can spit out slime.

Gourmands can expel their breath downward in order to fly, using their belches like rocket thrusters.

Gourmands can survive in space as seen after they ate their planet, they propelled themselves through space in search of another.

They also have great stamina for their size, such as being hit by a car, skidding across a concrete road for a decent distance or crashing through a brick wall.


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt], there are three races of Gourmands named Gourmand Perk, Gourmand Murk and an unnamed race which their Queen belongs to. The last is not sampled in the Omnitrix.[1][2][3]
  • The name "Gourmand Perk" is an homage to Tom Perkins, who designed Upchuck]] in the Ben 10, while the name "Gourmand Murk" is an homage to Glen Murakami, who was an executive producer for Ben 10: Alien Force and [[Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.[4]
  • The name "Gourmand" comes from "gourmet" someone likes and judges good food, which is ironic for creatures that will eat almost anything.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt:
    • Gourmands are at the top of the food chain and don't have a natural predator.
    • During times of war, the Gourmands have a plan to eat their entire planet as a last resort, which can only be enforced by their Queen.
      • Known as Plan Omega, their way of thinking is that a planet cannot be conquered if there is no planet to conquer.
        • According to Queen Rumbletum, Plan Omega has been executed ten times in the past, with Peptos XI being the eleventh time.


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