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Grays are Shape-Shifters, but their normal form is a gray human with large eyes and a small ears and nose. The latter 3 facial features remain the same in all their forms.

General Information
Habitat City
Diet Purple pap
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alienology

Homeworld: Reticulon I

Anatomy Edit

Grays have 2 hearts and a large brain. They communicate using Gamma Rays. Their stomachs are fairly simple since they only eat 1 type of food: Purple Pap.

Technology Edit

Grays travel using a spaceship called an orbiter which looks like a classic UFO, and it takes them 2 years to accelerate and 1 to brake. They also have mini-orbiters for planetary travel, in place of cars. Instead of smartphones they have a similar device called a 'Pelephone'. They usually cover their buildings and spaceships with something called 'morpheum' which can change color using gamma rays. the only clothes they wear are made of 'protectium' and are purely for anti-cold, having no interest in fashion. For weaponry they use gray blasters.

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