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Gray Gloople
Gray Gloople
Universe Amorphous +
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height 2 m
Diet Omnivorous
Intelligent Medium - low

The Gray Gloople is an advanced form of an Oozle. When an Oozle fuses with a Green Gloople or with another Oozle, it became grayish, like metal.

Effectively, a Gray can harden its skin to nullify damage: even small explosive weapons have no effect. However, a Gray is still a big jelly like the Oozle, so it can simply roll over its enemies and engulf them. Lastly, but not for strength, a Gray can shoot a long, hardened, lance-like tentacle. This "spear" is powerful enough to break through a human body, bones and all, but somehow cannot penetrate an anti-acid hazard suit*; then, the Gray retracts the tentacle with the lunch. An interesting fact is that whereas a Green Gloople displays very little intelligence, and the Oozle can go after prey, the Gray can surpass obstacles by hardening its skin or finding another way to the enemy; however, when using its "spear", a Grey is unable to react to attacks, because it cannot harden its skin and maintain the "spear" at the same time, as there is not enough metal.

  • Actually, it's the Reactive Armor, as they are wear commonly together, it doesn't explode this way but you're stunned.

The Gray can perform reverse mitosis just like its lesser cousins; however, this action will generate a powerful and strange Gloople - the Void-Eater.

The Horrors, Queen and Amalgams can kill them.

Chemical CharacteristicsEdit

A Gray have some mysteries like: why do Grays acquire these metallic attributes? A theory says that as glooples can absorb some minerals from the ground they stay charged with some metallic substances that accumulate when they do reverse mitosis and then when a Gray has sufficient metal to use in its offensive and defensive abilities.

Gray internal fluids are ionic solutions with metals, the most common metals in a Gray are magnesium, iron and silicium. But Gray like the other Glooples is based in alcohol and organic substances cause this subspecies have a great ability to manipulate the metal in its body and create soft and harden structures to its alimentation and defense.

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